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“I fall, I rise, I make mistakes, I live, I learn. I’m human not perfect. My journey hasn’t been easy but I never give up. I’m confident and happy with the woman I’ve become.” Hello, my name is Anastasia. I’m a 30 years old entrepreneur originally from beautiful and unique region of Kaliningrad, Russia. I come from a simple family of a teacher and a fisherman. I moved to the USA 11 years ago by way of Philadelphia, then Oregon and to Atlanta in 2012 in pursuit of a brighter future and a better life. I opened Blink & Wink Eyelash Extensions and Brows located in Buckhead when I moved to Atlanta 6 years ago. I am a Professional and passionate eyelash extensions artists with over 7 years of experience! High quality materials straight from Europe! Proud to have done lashes on actresses like Zoë Kravitz, Olivia Munn, Laura Linney, Dania Ramirez, Edy Ganem and more.


Tamar Telahun

My name is Tamar Telahun, I was born in Ethiopia from Eritrean parents. I came to the states at 14 years old. Grow up in the DMV area and relocated to Los Angles and New York after high school. I have lived in Atlanta since 2006. In 2011 I opened my first restaurant, bar and lounge called Therapy Lounge. That gave me the opportunity to open up few other places. My brother Simon and I are co-owners of few businesses in Atlanta. I have studied theater, worked in and around fashion, fine art, and entertainment, and earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors in Interior Design. I have lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Paris, London and Italy before making my home in Atlanta. Business runs in our family, especially the hospitality industry. My beautiful mother shows her love through her cooking, she was always the host. Dinner parties were normal at our house growing up. So I guess you can say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because we are fully invested in the restaurant industry these days. Our new location is an Eritrean & Ethiopian restaurant called Feedel Bistro. I am the true definition of immigrant entrepreneur. If you pay close attention to our receipts at our restaurants it says, “OWNED, OPERATED, PREPARED & SERVED BY PROUD IMMIGRANTS


Jiyan Hasan

Hello! My name is Jiyan Hasan. I was born in Duhok, Iraq to 2 Amazing and Courageous Individuals and have six siblings. From the ages of 2 to 6 my family and I escaped the war on feet for miles and lived in a tent at a refugee camp set up up in Istanbul, Turkey along with 800 other refugee families who had also left their lives behind! I spent half my life with my family struggling to keep up with the cultural change/shock after arriving in the US! What you see here wasn’t given to me nor happened over night! I worked my butt off for it! I sacrifice it all for the life I’m living today! I lost the comfort/support of having my family, who meant the world to me when I decided to break free from the Kurdish/Muslim Community to find my own way in life! I got disowned for the first 2 years when I moved to ATL to pursue my dream/passion in fitness and health! This is where Pretty Fit Girls Club, LLC was born. My business has evolved beyond my expectations. To say that I’ve succeeded in LIFE is an understatement based off the struggles and obstacles I’ve been through to get here. My life tip to anyone looking to find their way in life is “IF YOU WANT ANYTHING BAD ENOUGH! YOU MUST BE WILLING TO SACRIFICE IT ALL TO HAVE IT ALL!” Now go claim whats yours! It’s out there I can promise you that!


Teena Thomas

Hi My name is Teena. I’m 40 years old, born in Kerala, India lovingly referred to as GOD’S OWN COUNTRY and raised in DUBAI (Yes, that Dubai😊). I have 2 adorable parents that dote on me and I can quite possibly say that I am the apple of their eye. My family, like most immigrant families moved to the US in May 1997 to pursue better opportunities. I started working a week after I landed and have never looked back. I put myself through community college and then transferred to the University of FL and have always worked, sometimes with 2 and 3 jobs while in college.
I lived in FL till 2002 and then followed my parents to Atlanta, GA and have been here since I graduated from college.
Life has definitely thrown some curveballs my way, some I was completely unprepared for and some that have been harsh learning lessons. I am still learning about myself and the endless possibilities in front of me and hope that I will look back at this thing called life and be proud of who I was, who I am and who I have become.


Claudia Colichon

“Resilient”, the word I had heard numerous times before but never fathomed the true depth of that definition; until I, Claudia Colichon, needed to become just that. Originally from Peru, I arrived to the United States via the U.S. Lottery Visa program. Facing the struggles of having to teach myself a new language and learn to navigate the American culture, educational, and work systems posed to be challenging. I had to have a constant desire for success to rise above. All of my accomplishments are accolades of the countless hours I invested into myself and my ambitions. Last month, I had the honor to be one of the nominees of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s “The 50 Most Influential Latinos” award. With a Bachelors of Political Science from Georgia State University, I work as a Community Health Advocate for one of the largest non-profit hospitals in the state, Northside Hospital. As a side project, I assist the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as a Business Developer and Local Government Specialist. Every maneuver I make is strategically planned to execute my work in the most efficient manner so that I can deliver exceptional results and expedite my career advancement. Hard work is key when wanting to achieve great success and I know that my resilience will get me where I aspire to be