The city of Atlanta accommodates thousands of immigrants traveling from all over the world with distinct ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. Over the last forty years, this city has evolved itself to be a promising zone for immigrants in pursuit of a better future.
Foreign girl problems project is founded to bring together all the diverse cultures and ethnicities on a platform to share:
• Their stories and experiences as an immigrant.
• Their struggles in assimilating a completely different culture and lifestyle while keeping the values of their native cultures simultaneously.
• The barriers and the apprehensions of older generations which are causing resistance to cultural integration.
Foreign girl problems is a panel discussion that will help women from all cultures who share the same struggles in their careers or relationships correlate and break prejudiced mindsets hindering their financial and social growth. The goal is to highlight the similarities and encourage them to connect on a new level. Foreign girl problems is one big step towards cultural homogenization and inclusion of all ethnicities for a better tomorrow.